Protection of personal data

Personal data protection declaration

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the privacy and the data rights of individuals and it is fundamental for us. The Data Protection Policy for PECOMA Actuarial and Risk S.A. is available below (7).

1. What kind of data will be collected?

In order to offer a comprehensive quality service, PECOMA Actuarial and Risk S.A. collects different categories of data:

  • Personal identification data (e. g. surname, first name, address) enable us to prepare, among other things, annual pension certificates.
  • Financial data (pensionable salary, legal or extra-legal pension rights) and data on your personal situation (date of birth, marital status, household composition) allow us, for example, to calculate your occupational pension rights.
  • Data relating to the affiliation in the occupational pension plans of your employer (history of vested rights, insurance guarantees offered under these occupational pension plans) allow us to record your entitlements.

Of course, only the data necessary and relevant for the proper execution of our services are collected, processed and stored.

2. Why is it necessary to collect your data?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the data you entrust to us allow us

  • to calculate your entitlements in the occupational pension plans established by your employer and prepare the certificates for the members of these schemes
  • to provide the employer with financial information relating to the occupational pension plans
  • to communicate the information required by the institutions legally entitled to it, such as the tax authorities or the social security administration
  • to prevent or detect any risk of fraud or financial crime (including terrorist financing and money laundering)
  • to manage our business relationship with your employer and, if applicable, with you
  • to correspond with our lawyers, advisers or any other stakeholder to protect our rights and interests

3. Who has access to your data?

Your data is used by the employees of our company strictly in line with the tasks which are entrusted to them. The data may also be used by our subcontractors as part of the execution of our mandate and in accordance with legal requirements. They are not treated in an automated manner.

4. How long will your data be kept?

As an affiliate, your personal data are kept for the duration of our mandate for the management of your employer's occupational pension plan, as well as after the end of this mandate for the time required to fulfill our obligations and respect the periods of limitation. If you are not a customer, your data will be deleted five years after your last contact with us. Personal data of job candidates applying for a vacancy are kept for one year.

5. What are your rights?

The General Data Protection Regulation states in particular that you have at all times the right

  • to access your personal data
  • to request the correction or deletion of your data
  • to set limits on the treatment of your data
  • to refuse permission for the use of your data for advertising purposes
  • to refuse permission for the transfer of your data.

6. How can you contact us?

For any questions or requests relating to the protection of personal data, please send a message to

7. Discover the details of our
Data Protection Policy